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Welcome to our store! I am very pleased and rather shocked to have been awarded the "Best Physical Therapist in Fort Myers" for 2013! I just found out yesterday (Oct 2), and that came from physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons and patients nominating me, and then of course voting for me. That B.S., M.S. behind my name really does stand for something, and it shows in fastest and greatest improvement in post-op orthopedic recovery. I taught one lady how to stand, then walk independently in 4 weeks. In the water of course. No big deal I thought, basic stuff. Apparently it changed her life to the extent that she has become my biggest fan. We are really a total system of teaching, selling and support, so please don't be deceived by the simple retail atmosphere that is like so many other stores. Behind the scenes is much more for you to help you reach your fitness goals, whether it is simply to lose weight, become stronger, learn to walk again post op, or ensure that your next blood test comes back with better numbers! Please use the CATEGORY MENU on the left to Search for what you're looking for. We do not offer you hundreds of choices of items to choose from, but have narrowed the choice of the products for you to be the best on the market today with the best prices. I like to use the Woman's Shape Aqua Jogger as an example. We don't sell just the standard Shape jogger, but after years of watching women struggle to breathe in the water trying to perform their workout, we now carry a "Special Order Shape AquaJogger" which has a longer 55" elastic belt which makes the overall fit much more comfortable for you. I have to special order these each time, it is my pleasure since it has relieved so many issues for so many women. It is my experience in teaching and being in the water with my clients for over 15 years that makes this store SPECIAL AND DIFFERENT. It took several rounds of gloves to find one that would withstand almost daily use in chlorine and the hot Florida sun without ripping or falling apart, but I found one and they are one of our most popular items, for lap swimmers also. It took me a few years to respond to my classes groans when I had to take off for being sick or vacation, so I came up with a Workout CD for them to use when I was gone, then all of my clients who asked (How am I ever going to remember all of this?). My first Workout CD, Sara's Double CD Water Aerobics Workout 1 is still my best selling product, for the last 3 years! I listen to my clients and work hard to meet their needs. The best deal for you is when I came up with the Favorite Combo Kits, a complete uniform for an individual to start their program, at 10% off the normal price. There are 4 different options, not all listed yet since this store is still changing and growing. I encourage you to buy from a Pro who is actually educated, trained and works in the field and really knows what is best. Please read "About Us" for more. Here's a Random Sample of products from our store.

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